Double Tees

Double tees are an excellent choice for parking decks and can also be used in roof applications where a long, clear span is required such as gyms and pools. Spans up to 70’ can be achieved using Precast Double Tees. Double Tees are plant-fabricated, which provides excellent quality control and speeds up the construction process.

Advantages of Precast Double Tees:

  • Low initial project costs and little maintenance throughout the life of the product.
  • Fabrication and erection happen much faster, speeding up the construction process compared to cast-in-place concrete structures.
  • Precast Double Tees are extremely durable, sound resistance and can withstand wind, road salt, earthquakes and even fire.

Double Tees - We offer many options for integrating double tees into your office building’s design. There are an array of features and options to custom design double tees to your individual need.



Beams and Columns

Precast Beams & Columns provide a flexible solution to the structural component of your project. Precast Beams & Columns can be used for a number of applications from parking structures to the structural framework of commercial buildings. Precast beams & columns are perfect for below grade parking situations to help eliminate the need for a parking lot and reducing the size of the lot needed. Create an ideal framework for hanging Precast Structural and Architectural Wall Panels and setting Hollowcore Floor and Roof Plank with our Beams & Columns.

Advantages of Beams & Columns:

  • Precast Prestressed Beams & Columns provide unlimited flexibility in design, shape and application.
  • They are extremely durable compared to alternative building materials. Beams & Columns are produced indoors with high-strength concrete creating a quality, strong and durable product with no need for extra fireproofing.
  • Beams & Columns work well with other precast components such as Wall Panels, Hollowcore and Double Tees to form a Total Precast application.
  • Precast Prestressed Beams & Columns provide a clean, finished look for the structural component of the building.

Columns - There are many options for decorative and structural columns that can be easily integrated into your buildings design plan.

Beams - For support of our roofing systems, our structural systems can be integrated into your design.




Precast Stair Systems along with Stair and Elevator Shafts are an economical, quick solution for any new building. They are compatible with precast, steel, block or any type of building product. This product can speed up the construction schedule greatly by giving all trades access to all floors as soon as construction begins. No temporary access stairs or dangerous scaffolding is needed.

Advantages of Precast Stair Systems:

  • Precast Stair Systems can be installed at the beginning of the project eliminating the need for dangerous scaffolding and providing a safe way for subcontractors to access all levels of the building.
  • Precast Stair Systems are durable and very low maintenance


Our community is extremely pleased with the quality of our new addition. The precast walls have complemented our original section providing a seamless transition by accurately matching the original brickwork. When comparing labor costs, construction time and energy efficiencies our taxpayers are pleased with our decision.

-James M. Hermes


Spring Valley Community Consolidated School District #99

Structural Wall Panels

Structural Wall panels are an energy efficient alternative to steel and masonry, providing a durable wall and eliminating the need for perimeter columns. Our insulated walls panels are manufactured with locally extracted, recycled materials whenever possible, making them the premier choice for any commercial project. The end result is a quicker installation process, more energy efficiency, lower maintenance, and durability. Formliner, stained and smooth finishes are available with Structural Wall Panels. We also produce Architectural Wall Panels with higher end finishes.

Advantages of Structural Wall Panels:

  • Structural Wall Panel Systems are manufactured in a controlled environment allowing for low water/cement ratios. This results in a denser concrete material that prevents water penetration, ultimately resulting in a better quality product.
  • Quick installation in any weather condition allows for fast building enclosure and lower construction financing costs.
  • Load bearing wall panels eliminate perimeter columns, opening up your building for unlimited design possibilities.
  • Our Structural Wall Panels allow for easy building expansion or relocation, thus minimizing future construction costs.

Spandrels - We offer many options for integrating spandrels into your office building’s design. There are an array of features and options to custom design spandrels to your individual need.



Precast concrete is a high performance material that provides three important characteristics — versatility, efficiency, and resiliency.

Versatile Aesthetics, Designs, and Uses
The inherent qualities of precast concrete enable an almost endless array of aesthetic options. Using formliners, aggregates, pigmentation, and various finishing techniques (including acid etching, smooth-as-cast, exposed aggregate, and abrasive blasting) designers can create the custom finishes, sizes, and configurations to achieve the appearance they want for a structure. Even on a budget, precast producers can mimic historic finishes including stone and brick façades.

Economically and Environmentally Efficient
From a faster erection schedule to the environmental benefits, the high performance of precast concrete is the reason why so many builders and contractors are choosing Tindall precast. The inherent thermal efficiency of a precast structure lowers the cost and environmental footprint from construction through occupancy and contributes to LEED points and certification. From recycled materials and materials supplied within the region, to sustainable sites and low-emitting materials, precast is the best choice for an efficient structure.

High Level Resiliency
The structural soundness of precast provides protection against numerous hazards including fire, severe storms, high winds, flying debris, and explosions. Extensive research has resulted in innovatively designed structures that provide resiliency even through earthquakes. Precast provides passive fire protection because concrete does not combust and can easily meet fire code requirements. Precast concrete does not provide a food source for mold thus resulting in quality air conditions. And because precast concrete is an inert material it provides a safe indoor environment for occupants.


Precast provides unique benefits that can be found with no other material because it is naturally based and offers exceptional building aesthetics, together with structural ability, speed, and economy that make it an incomparable choice in materials for your project.

The flexibility in methods and techniques of precast concrete construction make it a material that can be molded into both structural and architectural elements. Precast also offers the ability to plan and construct the core and shell of a building as a total precast structure, with respective architectural features and aesthetics planned and incorporated in the process. Together with design, project management and erection competencies, precast concrete allows for a single source provider and the essential efficiencies your project deserves.

MPC Precast offers resources to advise on economical building design and layout, including 3D modeling and value engineering.

MPC has the ability to start the design process and manufacturing prior to beginning on-site activities, as well as our year-round unimpeded manufacturing and erection capabilities, we offer unmatchable economy and speed to complete your project on budget and on time.

Precast concrete provides a variety of color and textures including sand blast, acid etch and retarders to enhance appearance and presentation in your construction project. We also provide creative solutions such as inset brick and the use of liners to simulate natural stones. See Finishes section for further information.

Precast concrete members can handle higher loading and longer span capabilities, providing for more flexibility with office and parking space usage.

Concrete is a hard highly durable material, resistant to wear, weather and damage.

The concrete material’s high thermal mass can be increased through use of a core of thermal insulation.

is evidenced by precast concrete’s ability to facilitate LEED Certification. Precast concrete as a material for construction is clean and waste-free, and the addition of by-products reduces requirement for cement in the mix.